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Google has begun rolling out 3 new additions to its search engine on November 20th. The search engine giant added a Promote, Remove and Comment buttons beside each search to help users define their results better.

The Promote feature will allow you to move results up to the top of the list of your results, for future searches. This little addition to the search engine will help users by adding their favourite web sites to the top of each individual search result, that brings back that page. So for instance, if a user wished to promote to the top of the page, and query a search for a keyword on the front page, it would place on the top of your search results. This is a benefit for people who promote their favourite sites like Neowin to return the first result.

Beside the Promote button, comes the Remove button. This button will delete that result from your future searches, to prevent it from coming back up again. This could be helpful in blocking those web sites that provide no helpful information to you. This is a great way to stop going back to the same bad result time and time again.

Finally, the Comment button, where users can leave a comment about any result, making it useful for coming back to later. Users can add helpful comments for other users, or for themselves when visiting the site next time.

Google has become one step closer to being your next bookmark organizer. Now you can view, save and edit your favourite sites all within Google. The bad thing about these features is, the fact most people don't search the same thing all the time, making it hard to take advantage of some of these features.

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