Google API library for .NET paves the way for Google services on Windows phone

Google quietly announced last week that it has released an API library for .NET which is the first major step towards getting Google services on to Windows Phone. Google says that this is an open-source project and it is hosted over on NuGet.

The new library will let developers who are using Microsoft’s .NET framework integrate their desktop or Windows Phone apps with Google services. Google says that there are more than 50 APIs in the library including Google Calendar, YouTube, Analytics, and many more.

This step by Google is a big move towards getting quality Google services into Microsoft’s mobile and desktop stores. Previously, using Google services on Windows Phone was not welcomed by Google. At one point, Microsoft and Google were fighting, very publicly we might add, about a Microsoft built YouTube app that Microsoft pushed out to the Windows Phone store.

You can check out the library here and if you are a developer, let us know if you plan on including any Google services in your next app.

Source: Google

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