Google+ app coming to Apple's iOS devices

Google's recently launched Google+ social networking service can only be used via web browsers but that could soon change. An app made by Google for users to access Google+ is coming soon-ish for Apple's iOS devices. The actual app has been submitted to Apple for approval today, according to a post by Google's Erica Joy on her Google+ page. That means that owners of the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices will soon be able to access their Google+ accounts.

Google+ exploded without prior notice on the Internet a couple of weeks ago with Google aiming to go after the audience that currently enjoys Facebook with features such as "Circles". There was a mad rush to obtain invites to join Google+ but the company has kept the free flow of invites down due to much higher than expected demand. Banking on this, there is now the threat that some people have been receiving false Google+ invites via email. However as reports, many of those "invites" only lead to adds where people can purchase male "enhancement" pills. It's also likely that some invites could hide downloads of malware or other virus.

Meanwhile, there are reports that Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gotten his own Google+ invite and set up an account. Sky News reports that Zuckerberg seems to have confirmed that he is on Google+ via a text that was later tweeted by blogger Robert Scoble.

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