Google Apps for Android adds real time collaboration

The Google Apps version for Android devices hasn't added all of the versions of the desktop PC port. However, a newly released update to Google Apps for Android does offer users a number of new additions that will be welcome for people who want to work with others on the go.

The new update, which can be downloaded from the Android Market, adds support for online real time collaboration. Basically, it will allow Google Apps users to edit documents while others watch with the mobile version.

That's a good thing, and thankfully Google has added even more editing features to the Android version of Google Apps. Previously, there were few options if you wanted to edit documents on the mobile app. Now there are additional UI buttons that lets users do things that most of use expect from document editors. That includes creating numbered and lettered lists, indentions, and formatting texts in a variety of ways such as bold and italics.

Users can now also underline texts and change the colors for fonts and a document's background. In addition the update lets users pinch to zoom on the touch screen to see a specific paragraph. You can check out how the new Google Docs for Android works in the You Tube video above this post.

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