Google brings ads to the Play Store

Developers will now be able to reach more users with their Android apps in the heavily filled Play Store as Google will be promoting them in search results.

Google's Android operating system has over a billion active users and the Play Store hosts over a million apps, however, developers often face problems in promoting their apps due to the large volume of content already available.

To address the issue, Google announced that it will now be showing ads to promote apps on the Play Store. The promoted apps will appear in the user's search results at the top, similar to what Google does on the web search. The company believes that this method will improve app discovery for users as well as help developers reach more users.

At the moment only a few advertisers who have been already working with Google's web search will be providing ads as part of the pilot program and select users will start noticing the ads initially. The program will expand to more users over the coming months and we can expect the company to reveal some more about it at the next IO conference in May.

Source: Android Blog

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