Google buys ads on Bing to sell Chrome

"Bing and decide" has been the Microsoft marketing slogan for their decision engine since its release, but it seems that Google would rather decide for you. Bing, while shown running in Internet Explorer and on OS X during marketing advertisements, seems to be deviating towards Google's Chrome web browser in certain situations.

Ed Bott writes that Bing is now advertising Chrome, should you attempt to download Mozilla Firefox. Entering 'Get Firefox' in the Bing search displays a text advert for Google Chrome. Whether this is on a small scale or not, it is rather amusing: the 'Big Three' of desktop web browsing are all interlinked, with different roles being played. Google seems to have purchased ad space from Microsoft to bite back against Mozilla, despite paying a small fortune for the right to remain Firefox's main search provider.

Chrome advertisement on Google's own search engine is non-existent in the search results, but a small nag window appears in the upper right corner, urging you to download the browser and replace your current browser. Even using workstations with restrictions in place, this small advert continues to appear, serving as a useful reminder of Google's massive marketing campaign and influence.

Yahoo ought to be commended for their advertised suggestion. If you're not interested in downloading the latest builds of Firefox or Chrome, then you could still download Firefox 8 and achieve nothing of note. Google's push for Chrome dominance is growing continually, with the browser making its way to certain Android handsets and being heavily advertised across their services.

Image courtesy of Ed Bott.

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