Google celebrates Chrome's 10th birthday with a new look and improved features

Google has finally revealed its surprise, celebrating the tenth anniversary of its Chrome browser. The company announced that it would be bringing a major update to the browser, featuring a new look and vast improvements to the user experience.

The new look, which looks similar to something we saw a couple months ago, will not only be available on PC, but will also span to mobile, being made available for the Chrome app on iOS and Android. Perhaps the first thing you'll notice is that the browser no longer has sharp corners, with things being rounded off for a softer look. There are new icons and also new colors being used throughout the experience.

The firm also made visual improvements in little areas. For example, if you're a person who loves to have lots of tabs open, you can still do that, but the icons for websites are more clearly visible when you have an immense amount of tabs open. Those using iOS will now notice that the toolbar for the browser has been brought to the bottom of the screen, making it more convenient and easier to navigate.

If you're a person that relies on Chrome auto-filling your information, you'll be happy to know that the new browser will fill in sections more accurately. Google has also included a password generator, just in case you need to create a new password for a website.

Chrome's Omnibox, which allows the address bar to be used as a search bar is getting smarter. You can now get answers to your questions directly inside the Omnibox, without having to navigate to a website. Also, if you're typing an address to navigate to a website, the Omnibox will now let you know if you already have that tab open. If you're a Chrome user, this is all quite exciting. The update is now rolling out, but if you don't see it yet, be patient.

Source: Chrome blog via TechCrunch

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