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Google Chrome is rolling out new Memory Saver and Energy Saver features for laptops

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Back in December 2022, Google announced that a future version of its Chrome web browser would add two new performance enhancing features that would benefit PC users, especially thoose using laptops. Now those two new features, Memory Saver and Energy Saver, are finally rolling as part of the Chrome 110 stable release, according to Android Police.

Here's a quick recap of these new features. The first is Memory Saver, which will come in handy if you have a lot of tabs on your Chrome browser. Normally, a large amount of tabs can cause RAM issues. However, with the Memory Saver feature turned on, any tabs that you are not actively using are automatically taken out of active memory, until you click on one of those tabs. If you want, you can set up Memory Saver to exempt certain web sites from this feature.

Energy Saver, when enabled, will kick in after your laptop goes below 20 percent of its battery charge. When that happens, the feature will automatically limit any animations and videos on the web page that Chrome is currently viewing.

While other web browsers have similar features, like Microsoft Edge with its Sleeping Tabs and its Efficiency Mode, there's no denying that Google adding Memory Saver and Energy Saver to Chrome will cause these kinds of performance enhancements to become more widely used.

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