Google: Don't like us? Go use Bing

Google is under fire for possibly manipulating search results to favor paying advertisers, but they dont seem too concerned about the criticisms; obviously they say theyre not true, but Amit Singhal, Googles Senior Vice President of Engineering, suggests that people who dont like Googles can go use Bing.

The argument got started when Jeffrey Katz, the CEO of Nextag, accused Google of unfairly manipulating search results in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. He even went so far as to call Google a monopoly. Google, Katz says, "has shifted from a true search site into a commerce site."

Katz says that Nextags traffic data, which it handed over to the Senate Judiciary Committee last year, makes it easy to tell when Google makes a change to its algorithm.

Googles Singhal responded by systematically dismantling Katzs argument over at the Google Public Policy Blog. Were not going to reproduce every paragraph here, but the gist of things is, unsurprisingly, that Google does whats best for users, and doesnt manipulate search results for any other reason.

The surprise comes when Singhal suggests that "if users don’t like our results, they can try Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, or even Google Minus Google," even providing links to each service. If that doesnt show how much Google cares about its customers, were not sure what does.

Is Google manipulating its results? Who knows; Katz hopes that itll be resolved soon, since Google only has until July 2nd to respond to the EUs antitrust concerns. Were curious, though; what do you make of Singhals statements, and Katzs criticism? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Google Public Policy Blog | Wall Street Journal

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