Google Faces Another Lawsuit

Another lawsuit has been filed against Google due to the companies AdWords keyword advertising program. So next Tuesday Google will be heading over to a German courtroom where it will continue to defend its technology against Metaspinner Media GmbH.

Metaspinner claims that Google's AdWords keyword advertising program infringes on its "Preispiraten" trademark. According to PCWorld Metaspinner already "won a preliminary injunction against Google last November and is seeking a permanent injunction and damages." This isn't the first time Google has been taken to court for similar trademark infringements. Earlier this year American Blind & Wallpaper Factory accused Google that its search engine's keyword-based advertising violates its trademarks.

This probably isn't the last of these types of lawsuits, eEspecially since several companies use generic words in their names - e.g. General Motors. Because of this, Google could also be targeted for keyword-based advertising. For Google's ad program to be ever sucessful, they need to resolve these issues once and for all.

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