Google Fiber coming to four new U.S. markets

Google Fiber has been a hot commodity that has been clamored for by U.S. citizens all across the country. After a successful launch in Kansas City, regions like Provo, UT and Austin, TX were lucky enough to pick up the service as well, with Google looking to continually expand the gigabit network throughout the U.S.

Today, Google announced that Google Fiber will be constructed in four new metropolitan areas in the southeast United States. These new expansion markets include Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville and Raleigh-Durham, which will bring Google Fiber to a total of 18 cities when all is said and done. Citizens within these markets will obviously welcome the expansion, but will have to wait as the rollout is still in the pre-construction phase.

Google also teased markets that are being considered for the next rollout phase. At the moment, the metropolitan areas of Portland, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Jose and Salt Lake City are currently being considered as future recipients of Google Fiber. This doesn't guarantee the service will rollout in those regions, but given that Google has stuck to its own roadmap for Fiber expansion markets, there is a good chance people in those areas will have the opportunity to sign up sometime in the future.

Source: Google

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