Google+ finally adds support for business accounts

When Google launched its Google+ social networking service earlier this year, it specifically said that it would not allow businesses and organizations to officially establish accounts. Today that has finally changed as Google+ has now announced it is letting companies and groups launch their own Google+ pages.

Google is promoting the fact that businesses that have a Google+ page can also be included in search results on Google's main site, something that its biggest rival Facebook cannot provide. In addition, the site has announced what it is calling Direct Connect. Basically, if you go to Google's search site and type in, say, +Pepsi, you will be taken directly to Pepsi's Google+ page.

There are already a number of businesses and groups that have established Google+ pages including the WWE pro wrestling company, Angry Birds, and even The Muppets. Indeed, the members of that well known entertainment group will be chatting with visitors on its new Google+ page at 7:30 pm Eastern time. We can't wait to ask Kermit about if he uses an Android phone or if Miss Piggy surfs the Internet on a Chromebook.

Getting lots of businesses to sign up for Google+ is going to be key for Google to compete with Facebook which has allowed corporations to set up shop at its web site to offer up special promotions, PR reveals and more for a long time. The combination of Google+ along with integrated Google search features should be a no-brainer for any business who wants to get their messages to more potential customers.

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