Google+ getting events, now just 6 years behind Facebook

Google+ is finally getting an events feature, something that's oddly been missing from the social network since it launched last year.

The Next Web has obtained information and screenshots of the new feature, which works similar to Facebook's events feature. Google+ Events appear to primarily be appearing for international users for the service, as the majority of screenshots around the Internet of the feature are non-English languages, such as German. 

Events will sync with Google Calendar and other Google services, according to the screenshots. Google+ members will be able to add photos and videos to the event's "collection," where they'll also be able to discuss the event and schedule Google+ Hangout sessions. The link featured in the description announcing Events currently redirects to a 404 page.

Additionally, the new Google+ app for Android appears to have a blank button below the "Local" button that doesn't yet work. This would likely indicate that the new feature will be launching sometime soon.

The new feature isn't the only addition to Google+ in recent days. Yesterday, Google replaced Google Places with Google+ Local. The new service integrates with other Google services, such as Google Maps, and allows users to read and post reviews of local businesses. Google+ Local also includes reviews from Zagat, a restaurant and travel review company Google acquired last year.

Source: The Next Web | Image via The Next Web

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