Google goals: more ads, less spam, go green

Google Blogoscoped blogger Philipp Lenssen has gotten ahold of an internal Google document that details the company's goals for 2006. Among them are sell $1 billion of new ad inventory , which is the number of page views a site has available for advertising; focus on getting rid of spam in the top 20 user languages; increase the accuracy of information collected; push communities and content; and "increase the scale of innovation," according to Blogoscoped.

The search giant "also wants to build 10 megawatts of green power to be on track to be carbon neutral" and seeks to reduce something called "Borg disk waste" by 50 percent, Blogoscoped says.

A second internal document, entitled "Objectives and Key Results - Q3 2006 Company OKRs," refers to launching a Paid Content results section on and testing a Google News prototype during the fourth quarter that would allow "other news sources, and organizations and individuals mentioned in news stories to debate specific points."

Asked to comment, a Google spokesman provided this statement: "Like many companies, Google has a regular planning and goal setting process. The result of this process is, of course, confidential and proprietary information, which we do not discuss publicly. We are unable to provide additional information."

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