Google granted patent for its “Cloud OS”

Before Chrome OS there was the “Cloud OS”, or better still a “Network based operating system” that can be downloaded on the device’s internal storage from the net. The United States Patents and Trademark Office just granted the network OS patent to Google, more than three years after the company filed its request.

The patent clearly describes what Mountain View has already marketed as Chrome OS, the tiny client-based operating system that hasn’t really been a big deal thus far as for sales and popularity.

Google wanted to provide a system to deliver “an operating system over a network to a local device”, a mean for “receiving a request for an operating system”, “transmitting to a local device remotely stored base and preferences images that are configured for combination into a combined image” and “synchronizing the combined image with a cached version of an operating system on the local device”.

The patent summarizes the principles on which Google built Chrome OS, a system designed to work on-line only with no need for a local storage disk/solution, check and restore itself over the Internet in case of unwanted tinkering from bad guys and “save” all the users’ data over “the cloud” (Google’s server).

Google is pushing for a cloud OS for numerous reasons but as of yet, it has not made big waves in the consumer industry. 

Source: USPTO patent

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