Google introduces continual on-device monitoring to fight malware-ridden apps

Google has introduced continual on-device monitoring for Android devices in order to protect users from applications which can cause malicious activities without the knowledge of the user.

Android has been historically known to be less secure compared to other platforms due to its open nature, but now Google is stepping up their efforts to protect users from being scammed by malicious applications by updating the app verification service on the users' devices.

In rare cases, applications which manage to pass Google's certification and are downloadable through the Google Play Store, carry out malicious activities through third party services later, such applications will finally be reduced as Google will now be using an app scanning system on the device itself to check apps prior to installation as well. Users who sideload applications will also be notified before installing, if the scanning system detects any issues with it. According to Google's Android blog, the new verification service will be keeping a check on applications even after installation to protect users.

Google's latest approach of bundling services with the Google Play applications will allow the company to provide the security update to Android devices running Gingerbread (2.3) or higher without depending on carriers or device manufacturers. Although the verify applications service is not a guaranteed safety measure against other forms of exploits, it is a step in the right direction from Google rather than taking potshots at competitors.

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