Google+ invites showing up on eBay

Google's surprise launch of its social networking service Google+ has Internet users in a mad and frantic race to get an invite to check it out. Google has admitted that the interest in Google+ has been huge, so much so that after allowing invites to be sent out the company shut down those invites earlier this week due to "insane demand". Not to worry, however. If you are so deperate to get an invite into Google's latest social networking venture you can always go to eBay and buy yourself an invite ... maybe.

As PC Magazine reports, the auction-based web site has over 200 online listings for people willing and able to sell you an invite to Google+. The prices are fairly low at this point; the article states that the listings for Google+ prices range from between $2 to less than $5. The big question is whether or not its a violation of Google's or eBay's rules to put these invites up for sale. According to the article, a Google spokesperson stated that he was "unsure" about the legal rights to sell Google+ invites that are sent to specific email addresses. So far eBay has yet to say whether putting such invites on its site is a violation of its terms of service.

Meanwhile there's still no word on when Google will resume sending out invites for Google+. The best bet is to check out the Google+ page for Vic Gundotra who originally announced the shut down of invites on Wednesday.

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