Google is being sued by the Belgian government for not blurring out military sites

Google Maps provides a very useful service thanks in no small part to the amount of data and information it can provide, including real-life imagery for almost every location around the planet. That level of detail may make pose a threat in specific situations, which has prompted the Belgian government to take legal action against the company, according to a report from Reuters.

To clarify, the Ministry of Defense in Belgium is suing Google because its mapping service failed to blur out images of military sites in the country. The imagery on Google Maps can be very detailed, especially if you account for the Street View feature - which was even banned in India a couple of years ago due to security concerns - and it's natural that secure facilities wouldn't want to be fully exposed for everyone on the internet to see.

Google typically complies with similar requests from governmental agencies to uphold national security, so it seems unlikely that there would be any reason for the company to intentionally disregard those of the Belgian government. So far, no one from Google has made a comment regarding the news, but one can imagine that they will try to settle the situation without going to court.

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