Windows Phone users unable to access Google maps via the web

If you are a Windows Phone user and you enjoy using Google maps via your browser, you are up the creek without a paddle as Windows Phone 8 users are unable to access

It’s unclear if Google is intentionally doing this or if it was an honest mistake but given that Google has stated they will not be building Windows Phone applications, is screwing around with Windows Phone apps access to YouTube and is killing off EAS support for free Gmail accounts, it’s likely safe to say this was probably not an accident.

It’s unclear as to why Google has gone all anti-Microsoft as of recent but it may have to do with Microsoft turning the screws on Android vendors and forcing patent royalties to be paid for each device sold. Either way, the consumer is once again harmed as these two giants try to become the mobile alpha-dog.

Now, before we burn down Google, this could be an honest mistake as users are simply being redirected but whatever way you slice it, Windows Phone 8 users are unable to access Google maps.

Via WMPoweruser

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