Google launches Lookout tool to assist the visually impaired

Google has launched a new tool called Lookout which it hopes will help the visually impaired get information about their surroundings. The product is only available on Pixel devices in the United States (in English only) for the time being but it will be coming to more devices, countries, and platforms soon.

Lookout was announced last year at Google I/O. It uses similar artificial intelligence technology as that found in Google Lens in order to identify objects around you. Lookout is intended to continually run and observe your area and provides audio feedback, describing what it sees. In order to operate properly, Google recommends that users wear their phone from a lanyard around their neck so the camera is unhindered.

Once open, you do not have to press any other buttons in the app; this enables users who may have difficulties using their phone to get up and running right away. The firm said that the technology will not detect items accurately all the time and has suggested that anyone who uses it provides feedback by contacting the Disability Support team.

If you’re in the U.S., have a Pixel device, and use English as your phone’s main language, head on over to the Google Play Store and give Lookout a go.

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