Google launches Photovine web site and teaser video

Just a couple of weeks after Google launched its Google+ social networking service and now the company has launched a new teaser web site and video for yet another kind of networking service. The Photovine web site has now gone live but details about what the service will be about are still unknown. The teaser site says that Photovine will be a "fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people and share your world like never before."

The teaser video, which you can see below, shows people from all walks of life taking pictures with their mobile phone and then using the Photovine service to upload them where they can be viewed by friends. The video seems to suggest that Photovine will be something like Twitter where people upload pictures in a stream much like they write and upload messages to a Twitter page. The phones shown in the video are iPhones which would suggest that the service will have an iPhone app involved. The service itself isn't live but the Photovine web site has a button where you can request an invite to try it out. got a message from Google about Photovine but at the moment the company isn't saying much about it. It's statement said that, "Photovine is a photo-sharing service built by a few folks at Slide." Slide is a social media company that Google acquired nearly a year ago. There's no word if this new service will link up in any way with the new Google+ service.

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