Google makes the "Android Burger" a reality for its employees

Last week, a Twitter post comparing the hamburger emojis on iOS and Android sparked a debate among users discussing the correct combination and order of ingredients in the versatile food item. As Google's representation was found to be questionable, CEO Sundar Pichai too pitched in on the matter. Now, it looks like the company is serving its employees with a burger assembled in a similar order to the one depicted in its emoji.

Googler Brad Fitzpatrick tweeted an image of the "Android Burger" from the company's cafeteria along with its list of ingredients and of course the image showing the comparison of emojis on iOS and Android. The burger includes a beef patty, brioche bun, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato, assembled in the order seen in the Google-designed Android emoji.

While the debate remains open, it would be fun to see the other software makers with their own take on the emoji doing something similarly light-hearted as Google.

Source: Twitter via Android Central | Image from Emojipedia via The Daily Dot

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