Google Maps 2.0 hits iOS devices, comes with new and enhanced features

We all remember the complete shambles Apple made of their own map software in iOS 6. Without re-treading old ground, let’s just say Apple Maps was awful. They pulled the plug on Google providing integrated mapping for their devices and paid the price, which left Google to release a dedicated app that would directly compete with Apples own proprietary map software. Again that wasn’t without its problems.

That being said, we’re now being treated to Google Maps 2.0 for iOS and it’s finally starting to act like its Android brother in the features department. So, what’s new?

iPad support: With a universal application design, the app will work across any and all modern iOS devices. This means that the iPad is supported natively, so no scaling up of the iPhone app here!

Enhanced navigation: The long and the short of this one is that you’ll get presented with more navigation data as you travel your programmed route. You’ll also get live traffic and incident reports along the way as well.

Explore tab: Making its way from Android, the card style view will give you the ability to quickly discover information about popular locations in the areas you are travelling.

Indoor maps: While this sound intrusive, imagine being on holiday or business and not being able to find a specific shop in a mall? How about the nearest toilet?

Offline maps: Again, like its Android siblings already do, iOS users now get to experience offline maps. Simply choose a map are you wish to have offline by fitting it on screen, hit the cache button and away you go.

Add in the usual bug fixes and performance improvements that come with any major application update and Google is onto a winner with this version of its maps software. The sheer fact that they are catching up with the Android app, in terms of features and functionality is testament to their dedication to the app and the iOS platform. You can download the app from the App Store now.

All we need now is an official Windows Phone 8 app from Google and mobile users everywhere can rejoice!

Source and Images: Redmond Pie

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