Google Maps for iOS might struggle for Apple's approval

Apple released iOS 6 a while ago and one of the biggest changes that came with the update was the replacement of Google Maps with Apple’s own in-house solution.

Now it’s no secret that iOS 6 Maps sucks. In fact it sucks so much that Apple’s own CEO, Tim Cook wrote an apology letter and recommended users try out third party solutions such as Nokia’s. Scott Forstall left Apple and some of it had to do with the mess that Maps has become.

As a result many iOS 6 users are waiting anxiously for Google to release their own Maps app to the App Store. Google has mentioned before that they are working on a solution but The Guardian is now reporting that the app itself may not be accepted into Apple’s App Store.

The British newspaper cites several sources familiar with the matter that say people at Google have a lot of doubts as to whether Apple will actually allow them to publish this app on their platform. While at least one of them mentions chances are better now that Forstall has left the company there still seems to be some concern. As another of the cited sources mentions, Apple may still try to save face and "keep moving forward in an effort to make its obviously inferior product better".

Of course if Apple does choose this route its mapping solutions will get better over time due to new data being collected from users, however it is still a long way to go until they actually catch up to Google, if they ever do.

The sources cited mentioned that Google is indeed working on a product, just in case Apple backs off and tries to appease its users. However even if the app is approved, it still seems to be a long way off and will not be available until the end of this year.

Source: The GuardianImage via The Guardian

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