Google Maps indoor venues now available on web version

Google Maps has been adding more and more maps that show what's inside large indoor buildings, such as airports, shopping centers and museums, for over a year now. However, that support has been limited to the Android version of Google Maps. Today, the company announced that those indoor maps can now be viewed on PCs as well.

In a post on the Google Maps page on Google +, the company said that the new feature should come in handy if one of the shopping centers you might be spending your time in during Black Friday is included in Google Maps. There are now over 10,000 such locations located all over the world. You can check a partial list of the indoor maps at Google's website.

Google's expansion of this feature to PCs will also be of help to anyone who wants to learn more about certain area before they go on a trip. For example, finding out where certain exits are in large airports could be helpful if you need to make a transfer flight. The indoor venue map lists also includes a number of transit stations, university buildings, libraries, sports stadiums and more.

Source: Google Maps on Google + | Image via Google

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