Google may put ads in Gmail for Android

A few months ago, Google began to put in messages in the Promotions section of Gmail web accounts that looked very much like email spam. Now it looks like Google is getting ready to put in some kind of advertisements inside the official Gmail app for Android devices.

As reported by Android Police, an examination of the code inside the recently released 4.6 version of the Gmail Android app showed multiple references to ads. A new "ads" library was also spotted in the Gmail code, along with eight classes devoted to ad presentation. The article speculates that when ads do start appearing the the Gmail app, users will be able to save the ones they like to their inbox like a regular email.

So far, Google has not commented on plans to put in ads in the Gmail Android app. There's also no indication that the iOS app will be getting a similar feature. However, you can bet that when Google does start including ads in its mobile email apps, it will act as more material for Microsoft to attack Google again. The company has already slammed Google's Promotions ads, calling them "Gspam."

Source: Android Police | Image via Google

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