Google Nest Thermostat is selling for under $100 today on Amazon

Today on Amazon, you can pick up the Google Nest Thermostat at 23% off for just $99.98. That's a saving of $30.01 off the normal $129.99 list price.

The Google Nest Thermostat was announced last October as a cheaper solution to the then-$249-priced Nest Learning Thermostat, but at the same time features an arguably more modern design, with almost no space for bezels around the round display. It's also a more sustainable design, with the plastic parts of the device using 49% recycled post-consumer plastics.

Feature-wise, the Nest Thermostat offers Quick Schedule through the Google Home app, which lets users set different temperatures for different times and days. There's also Savings Finder, which means the thermostat is constantly looking for ways to save energy, such as by slightly lowering the sleep temperature. It also uses Google's Soli motion sensors and your phone's location to figure out if you're home, and set itself to an Eco temperature to save energy when you're gone. Earlier this year, Google introduced HVAC monitoring features for Nest thermostats, and naturally, this model supports that, too.

It's available in four colors: Snow, Sand, Fog, and Charcoal, and there's also a bundle that includes the optional Trim Kit add-on which is currently being discounted at 20% off today, and helps cover up unsightly marks of your previous thermostat on the wall, and that's made with 75% recycled plastics.

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