Google patents creepy dolls that watch and listen to your children

Google is seemingly looking in becoming more attractive to kids and has patented some nightmarish, creepy, connected toys. These feature cameras, microphones and even motors that allow them to move.

The toys would, in response to a kid’s commands, tilt their head, look curious, say something or turn on the TV, for example. The whole process would work by combining voice recording, with server-side algorithms that interpret that data, alongside device mapping either manually or automatically.

Of course, none of these features are actually new, and voice controlled toys have been around for a long time. Cortana, Siri, Google Now, all of these services are based on the same exact technology and we don’t find them creepy or intrusive. But combining all of these in such a child-friendly package and connecting it to the web could result in horrible consequences, should security measures fail or simply be inadequate.

Of course, this live recreation of Five Nights at Freddy’s with your toddler is likely never going to become reality. Not only are privacy concerns too high, but technology has moved on since this patent was first applied for. And companies routinely apply and receive patents for technologies that never see the light of day in finished products.

Source: USPTO via: Engadget

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