Google Pixel Buds will get 'feature drops' like Pixel phones

Google plans on rolling out "feature drops" for its recently launched Pixel Buds wireless earbuds just like it does for its Pixel phones from time to time. The second-gen Pixel Buds was announced in October last year and started shipping out to customers from late last month. The earbuds are currently only available in the United States and in only "Clearly White" color.

A Google representative confirmed to Forbes that it will roll out new features for the Pixel Buds periodically. However, the feature drop for the Pixel Buds will not happen around the same time as the Pixel phones and it is also unclear as to when the first feature drop would happen. Google's goal with the feature drop is to "continue to introduce new helpful features over time, much like we do with Pixel phones." The company had announced feature drops for Pixel phones in December last year.

It is unclear what the first feature drop for the Pixel Buds would introduce, but EQ settings could be a good bet since its omission on the earbuds currently sticks out especially when compared to its competition. Google could also introduce some new AI-powered features, though this is something that only time will tell.

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