Google Play store now requires Google+ to post reviews

Google has changed the way app reviews are implemented on its Play Store, and now users will require a Google+ account to post reviews.  When leaving a review, the user’s real name and data will also be attached to the post.  This means that reviews could come across as being a lot more helpful and accurate.

It should be noted that Google isn't really pulling all the stops when considering which of its applications will have Google+ implementation. We think it’s a smart move for people to use their Google+ accounts to do various things, as integrating Google+ to its services does mean more users will be using that social network, and with Android being a Google platform, the company can only hope that this leads to the majority of the Android user base to start using its Google Plus-integrated applications.

Google+ integration for the Play Store is live, so feel free to check it out.

Via: The Verge
Source: Droid Life | Image credits: Droid Life

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