Google shipped Android Wear 2.0 with characters missing from some on-screen keyboards

The English language keyboard seems to be fine - but some languages have characters missing

The farce of Google's Android Wear 2.0 development and rollout continues to unfold. The company originally announced the new version of the OS in May 2016; but in September, it delayed its planned release until early 2017, giving it more time to work on development.

Despite the extra months it had to work on Android Wear 2.0, Google still released Android Wear 2.0 with some embarrassing omissions. As Android Police reports, some of the on-screen keyboards built into the OS have characters missing.

Owners of smartwatches with circular screens have reported that on the Russian keyboard, the characters 'Х' 'Ъ' 'Э,' and 'Ё' are missing, and a similar problem is affecting the Hungarian language keyboard. It appears that the missing characters have simply been 'cut off' by the edges of the circular displays on some watches, but it's unclear why Google failed to pick this up during its lengthy development process, during which it released multiple previews.

Even more troubling is the fact that these issues were reported by users on the company's forums months ago. Despite complaints from owners going back to April, Google only acknowledged the issue yesterday with this forum post:


Just wanted to update this thread to say that this has carefully been considered and will be coming in a future update.

Thanks everyone for your feedback!

There's still no indication of exactly when the issue will be fixed.

Google announced availability of Android Wear 2.0 in February, but it didn't begin rolling out until almost two months later. The rollout was quickly suspended due to the discovery of a 'last-minute bug'. By mid-April, Google said that some devices wouldn't get the update until the end of May - and even now, some watches still haven't been upgraded.

Source: Google Product Forums - 1 / 2 | via Android Police

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