Google steals a page from the IE6 playbook

There was a time in the Internet's history where a single browser dominated the standards that websites were developed by and that browser was IE6. That was then and to this day, Microsoft is working to undo what it did so many years ago by helping to kill off the IE6 browser. While we wish the days of browser segregation were behind us, it would seem that Google is content with using a tactic that comes directly from the IE6 playbook. 

Earlier today Google announced a partnership with Tate Modern to launch a new web exhibit. While nothing about this seems out of the norm, if you happen to visit the website using something other than Chrome, you are prompted with the message below:

The language of "For the time being" would suggest that Google is keeping the sites complete feature list exclusive to the Chrome browser but is really nothing more than a pain in the ass to those who use alternative browsers to surf the web. It would appear that other browsers support the features needed to display the site correclty but Google is actively blocking them to push its own Chrome browser.

The prompt and feature neutering is a reminder of the days from IE6 where websites were built specifically for that browser because, at that time, it commanded significant market share. Seeing as we now have several viable platforms to choose from, Google's trend to make sites specific to its own browser, is a step backwards. 

Yes, Google can do whatever it wants when developing its own sites, they have that right. What we hope, is that this doesn't become a trend that Microsoft, Mozilla, and Google get in a war over and build their own pages for their own browsers, this would stifle the browsing experience. 

Source: Dave Mason

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