Google testing white space broadband in Ohio

Google has announced, via their Public Policy Blog, that they are testing broadband using white space from the TV spectrum. They are testing the white space broadband project in Logan, Ohio, a small town in southern Ohio, at the Hocking Valley Community Hospital.

The project was granted a special license from the FCC to use open frequencies that were used by TV stations before they switched from analog to digital. Google is using the project to demonstrate the potential of white space broadband and hoping that it will spark innovation and pave the way for new applications of white space broadband.

The hospital is using the broadband network in first responder vehicles and on the hospital grounds, the health department is also being equipped with wireless access. Since the available frequencies can vary by location the project is using Spectrum Bridge’s real-time TV white spaces database which keeps track of white space availability in any location.

On Thursday, September 23, the FCC Commission will vote on rules governing the use of the white space spectrum, the vote could make or break the potential for white space broadband. Microsoft is also testing a white space broadband setup at their Redmond campus.

"White spaces technology could free new unlicensed radio frequencies for consumers in every community and generate investment in innovation, much as we observed with Wi-Fi,"  said Dan Reed, VP of technology strategy and policy at Microsoft.

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