Google to ramp up development of business version of Google+

Google has already announced that businesses will have to wait a little while longer to establish a Google+ page since the company is developing a version of its new social networking service specifically for companies and organizations. However it appears that there has been so much interest in Google+ from the corporate world that Google has decided to speed things up in terms of getting companies ready to use the service.

In a Google+ post late on Wednesday, Google+ team member Christian Oestlien stated that businesses who wish to take part in the Google+ testing have until Friday at 6 pm Pacific time to sign up at this web page. He added, "To the thousands upon thousands of businesses that applied to be a part: THANK YOU! We won't be able to accommodate everyone, but your interest has got us very focused on accelerating our development plans."

Oestlien added that he and other Google+ team members will then go over all of the companies that applied for the test period next week. He stated, "We will be communicating with these partners next week, and will let the world know who they are soon thereafter." While Google+ is still deleting profiles of most businesses from its current consumer service that's not true for everyone. As points out, a few businesses such as Ford Motor Company still have their Google+ pages online and working. It's safe to say that those businesses will be included in Google's corporate testing of the Google+ service.

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