Google Translate has been updated with photo and quicker speech translations

Google Translate has picked up a new feature and performance improvements that is making it easier for people to converse and identify words in other languages through the app. The update, previously rumored to launch on only Android, will be rolled out in the next few days, brings forth both quicker and localized conversation translations as well as a new feature Google calls "Word Lens".

On the conversational side, Google's update to Google Translate makes speech conversion quicker than ever. In a promotional video, Google demonstrates the speed and accuracy of which the app can work. The app is designed to properly translate your spoken words to a localized version of its supported languages, much like the translation tool in Skype, eliminating the pitfalls of improper word associations between languages that would leave confused looks on those you're trying to converse with.

Google also updates the app with Word Lens, a new photo translation tool. The feature works similarly to Microsoft's own mobile translation application, which takes foreign written words and converts them into your preferred language. If you're sitting at a restaurant in Paris and need to convert certain menu items into English, Google Translate can help make that happen. Simply activate the feature within the app and point your phone camera toward written words and Google does the rest.

The app is available in both the Google Play and Apple's App Store for free.

Source: Google Blog

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