Google TV having a hard time finding partners

Google TV, a service revealed back in May, is currently at a loss for finding network partners for their launch this Fall. The product would allow users to watch and search cable programming, Web Videos, and even browse the web itself. The first devices using Google TV are going to be made by Dish Network, Sony, and Logitech. Sony will also incorporate a Blu-Ray drive into their version of the set-top box.

Recently, Google met with officials of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC to attempt to get support for Google TV's launch. These companies however are "skeptical that Google can provide a business model that would compensate for potentially cannibalizing TV owners' existing broadcast businesses." The networks are afraid that customers would begin using Google TV instead of regular cable, on which more revenue for the network could be generated.

Google claims and pushes the idea that if the networks partner up with the company then there will be more data on TV shows which could equally help both sides. For example, if a show was searched for on Google TV, it could show when the show is scheduled to air on TV and episodes that can be found online. Google wishes to create a central hub for all information about television, which would just simply let users get information and decide where they want to play the media.

Media companies are fearful of this all-in-one search and data option fearing their results will be overshadowed by the Web results, which could included pirated forms of the media. Other competitors of Google TV, such as the Apple TV, allow users to buy single episodes or purchase a season pass. With the Apple TV already having these partners, Google may find themselves in hot water when it comes to their release in the Fall if the Media companies do not agree with the platform.

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