Google updates mobile Gmail, neglects Windows Phone

Google has gone ahead and updated the Gmail mobile web interfaces for several smartphones platforms, drawing on the design of the current Gmail iOS application. Google says that they took on board the positive feedback they received after the updated app went live, and so decided to include a similar design in the web apps for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Kindle Fire.

You might have noticed in that list that Google has neglected Windows Phone, once again, from the updates. Heading to Gmail on a Windows Phone (with IE10 set to mobile mode) serves up a horribly outdated design right from the early 2000s, that looks absolutely nothing like the current (and updated) mobile web design or even any other recent version. Windows Phone users have once again been kept in the cold by Google, seemingly deliberately.

This is just another chapter in the saga of Google vs. Windows Phone, with the search giant continually taking steps to hinder the usability of Google's services on Microsoft's mobile platform. Microsoft recently announced that they would be supporting CardDAV and CalDAV in Windows Phone, but that's only because Google previously pulled the plug on Exchange ActiveSync support, and things aren't looking any nicer between the two tech behemoths.

Source: Google | Image via WMPU

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