Google Web Designer Beta

Create engaging, interactive HTML5-based designs and motion graphics that can run on any device

Google Web Designer is an advanced web application that's built with HTML5 which lets you design and build HTML5 advertisements and other web content using an integrated visual and code interface. Using Google Web Designer's design view you can create content using drawing tools, text, and 3D objects, and you can animate objects on a timeline. Once you're done creating your content, Google Web Designer outputs clean human-readable HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript.

When you create advertising creatives with Google Web Designer, you can use a library of components that lets you add image galleries, videos, ad network tools, and more.

Google Web Designer's Code view lets you create CSS, JavaScript, and XML files, using syntax highlighting and code autocompletion to make your code easier to write, with fewer errors.

Changes since version

New Templates

  • 30 new banner templates which support both AdWords and DoubleClick have been added.

Update to Swipeable Gallery

  • The Swipeable Gallery has been updated to support both vertical and horizontal swiping.

Known Issues

  • Offline mode is not working on Mac and Linux.
  • White screen on launch if user is behind a web proxy. Please follow these instructions to change your proxy settings
  • Mac Chrome, Opera, IE: Play button is not working in GWD Preview when Autoplay preview is on. Workaround: remove localhost from the URL to use file:///
  • Linux only: Drag and drop from the file system to Google Web Designer is not working. Workaround: use File > Import assets or Add asset from the Library
  • Downloading iCalendar ics file is not supported on Safari desktop browser

Download: Google Web Designer Beta | 860 KB (Freeware)
View: Google Web Designer Website | Release Notes

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