Google will test auto-updates for preloaded Android apps sans account login

Google is planning to test a new feature for the Play Store that will sidestep the account login requirement in order to automatically update preloaded apps on Android devices. The test will kick off in the next few months and will support devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

Details of the upcoming change have been provided in an email sent by the Mountain View-based internet giant to Google Play developers. That said, the upcoming feature may not work for all apps as some services require a Google account for proper functionality. So, Google told developers in the email to see to it that new releases of their apps can work properly even if a user doesn't log in to a Google account.

Nonetheless, there will be an option for end-users to disable the new capability. But given the importance of updates along with security improvements, that option may not be an advisable choice. With the upcoming feature, Google aims to provide an easier way to automatically update apps and streamline the user experience across a variety of Android devices. Additionally, the search giant also hopes to help minimize the overhead costs of maintaining older versions of apps.

Source: Android Police

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