Google changes up "I'm Feeling Lucky" button

The front page of Google's main search site has offered the familiar "I'm Feeling Lucky" button for years and years, giving users a way to have a little fun. The idea was that a person types in a search keyword and then pressed the button. The Google search engine would then bring up the very first search result based on that keyword.

Now Google has quietly altered that iconic button to give users a different option each time a mouse cursor moves over it. For example, it might change to, "I'm feeling trendy." When pressed, it will give users a list of the hot searches on Google at that moment.

Another choice that might come up is "I'm Feeling Doodley" that brings up a random "Google doodle." Other choices for the new "I'm Feeling ... " button might bring up a list of local restaurants or a random work of art.

While the traditional "I'm Feeling Lucky" button seems to be retired, its use has already been curbed in recent years due to the introduction of Google Instant in 2009, which displays a number of suggested search results in real time as the user types in a search string.

Source: Google | Image via Google

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