Google's Map Crisis

With mapping technology evolving, eventually we knew problems were going to arise. Google's evolving "Street View" has been implemented in parts of the United States, and so far has received good press. By using this interactive form of Google Maps, it can help people navigate their way around an area before actually going there. Street View is comprised of actual photos pieced together that can provide virtual walkthroughs of streets, hotels, and more. However, the European Union's laws on privacy are hindering Google's plans of implementation.

Peter Hustinx, the European Union Data Protection Supervisor, commented that "making pictures everywhere is certainly going to create some problems."

There are many of us who do not want pictures of our personal details available for the world to see, and Google is now in a predicament to develop automatic face detection and blurring as Google's Street View continues to grow. For Google's Street View to enter the European Union, more privacy safeguards have to come into place.

When technology becomes more "personal", there are always issues that arise. How do you feel about Google's growing use of Street View, and our privacy?

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