United States Government seizes ATDHE.net, ChannelSurfing.net

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has decided to exercise their powers and seize the domains to both ATDHE.net and ChannelSurfing.net earlier today. If you go to ATDHE.net, you'll be shown a statement from ICE about why they took down the domain with verbiage of why they're allowed to do so in the form of the image pictured above. ChannelSurfing's page is a bit more hopeful about the site's future actions, stating "more news to come."

To refresh your memory, ICE's participation in seizing domain names that are allegedly producing counterfeit and pirated content is part of a movement titled Operation In Our Sites; the first version of this operation wasn't successful, but the second attempt, which launched last year, has shut down north of 80 websites. It's important to note that this, and all previous and future incidents, are only seizures of the domain names that were bought in the US and not the actual website.

As such, ATDHE, which specializes in live sports entertainment from all the major US networks, has moved its website to ATDHENET.tv while ChannelSurfing, dedicated to bringing free television and movie content, has gone to Twitter to connect with its users. "Everyone please use http://89.*[Snipped]*.98 for now, new domain is on the way[,]" the people behind the website tweeted today.

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