Grand Theft Auto 5 isn't coming in 2009

One blogger earlier this week misinterpreted the words of Andrew Reiner, editor of Game Informer, at the possible release of Grand Theft Auto 5 later this year reports GameZine.

"Rockstar was just in the Game Informer office. I can't tell you what they showed me, but it might have been Grand Theft Auto V."

Clearly explaining that he cannot reveal the title Rockstar showed him, we can assume he was playing tricks on the minds of Twitter followers. A second tweet to EDGE employee N'Gai Croal revealed some more information on what game he was shown was.

"The V is for Vild Vest."

Everyday Playstation however didn't read between the lines and posted a blog announcing GTA5. Eventually Reiner confirmed what game he was talking about, making another tweet in the morning.

"Again, the game Rockstar brought by was Red Dead Redemption."

The game was announced in February for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, which utilizes Grand Theft Auto 4's game engine RAGE and Euphoria. Red Dead Redemption is the follow up to Red Dead Revolver released in May 2004. The sequel will have the player taking control of former outlaw John Marston and not Red Harlow like the previous game, and this time around is set at the turn of the 20th Century. Those are the only details revealed about the game so far, expect to hear more from Rockstar at E3 this summer.

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