Graphics card names are the bitter end

GRAPHICS CARDS ARE STARTING to bother me. No, not because they are expensive, not because they are cheap, and not because I don't have a good one, it is a problem with names. There are too damn many names for each chip line, and each bi-annual refresh, there seem to be twelve more models. XT, GT, PE, FU, they are multiplying faster than rabbits, and faster than I can keep up with.

To be fair, there are good reasons why there are nineteen different flavors of each chip, this week, and it is one of the things I hate most in the world, marketing. Yes, those little critters are at it again, and we all pay the price. Know the memory width of an ATI 9800XT? How about when you step down to a 9800Pro? Does it drop when you go to the non-Pro? How many pixel pipes does a NVidia 6800Ultra have? It goes down when you go to the normal, non-suffixed 6800, but where does the 6800GT lie in this scheme?

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