GTA V trailer gets real-world remake as 'GTA Madrid'

A couple of weeks ago, a video emerged comparing Grand Theft Auto V as it will appear on the PlayStation 4 with the version already released for the PS3. The comparison of the games graphics on the new-generation consoles versus the older models highlighted some considerable improvements in the PS4 version. 

But for those who werent sufficiently impressed by that, a group of Spanish fans of the game have taken things to a whole new level, dialing up the realism to 11. Theyve taken the very first GTA V trailer, released in November 2011, and remade it, scene-for-scene, in the real world. The result is really rather wonderful. 

"I need money to buy a PS4 or Xbox One. Thank you :)"

The team behind it has done an incredible job of finding similar locations in and around Madrid, Spain, to recreate the trailer as faithfully as possible. The overall effect is fantastic, though not absolutely flawless - for example, they had to work around an absence of oil derricks in the Madrilean outskirts.

Nonetheless, they made up for such missing details by going the extra mile by adding CGI elements, such as a fighter jet winding its way between Madrids skyscrapers, and a helicopter in hot pursuit above the citys streets. 

The whole thing really is an awesome effort. Enough words - now watch the vid: 

...and heres the original GTA V trailer, via Rockstar Games: 

Source: Zapruder Pictures (YouTube) via Pocket-lint | images captured from video

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