GUI Championships: Most Usable & Most Original visual styles

This week the inter-website user interface contest posted the results of two classes of WindowBlinds visual styles: Most original design and most usable design.
Neowin's own co-founder, Steve Parker was one of the judges along with judges from Lockergnome, deviantART, Betanews, and elsewhere.
Winning entries included Acrylic from danilloOC for most usable and G-Pod 2 from Gabriel for most original. The results were extremely close between 1st and 3rd in each event.
Next week, the "Best Overall" events will come up to see who has the best overall icons, wallpapers, and GUI skins.  In the overall medal count, China leads with 10 medals, the USA with 5, Russia with 1, Australia with 1, and Brazil with 1.
To use these skins, you will need to have WindowBlinds 5.1.

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