Guy claims credit for "bringing down Neowin"

IF YOU WONDER where your post count has gone or why half of our hacks on the boards or site are still not working or even why Neowin has been warped back to Feb 13th you might want to ask Andrew G. Tereschenko ( at TAG Software Research Lab, Odessa, Ukraine.

He seems to be mass mailing websites claiming a personal victory against Neowin for reporting us for breaking NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) that we haven't signed. It seems Microsofts contracted Anti-Piracy team did find something they could email our Server provider for what followed was icing on the cake for Andrew G. Tereschenko.

Microsoft have pledged their support for Neowin and as I stated earlier an investigation into the chain of events that started as early as March 4th is still on-going. Andrew G. Tereschenko had been reported by me to Microsoft UK after he continually mailed and then badgered me claiming credit for our earlier Microsoft Windows 2003 Professional? post on Neowin (that was lost along with the SQL database). He believes we copied his findings over from a newsgroup I have no access to. I will following up my earlier complaint to the Microsoft Press Relations Team at and Microsoft Press Centre UK.

My emails to Microsoft will probably be side-tracked since Andrew fixed a File transfer bug back in August 2002, that seemed to of secured him a place in Microsofts good books (despite his attitude against a site that actively supports Microsoft). You can see his claim to Microsoft fame here: Multiple security vulnerabilities inside Microsoft File Transfer Manager ActiveX control (<4.0) [buffer overflow, arbitrary file upload/download]

I won't relay my personal thoughts about this guy, but here folks is proof of what happens when someone gets a stick up their arse about something. Everyone suffers.

View: Guy says he tipped off Microsoft about Neowin @ The Inquirer

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