Half-Life 3 European trademark listing removed; likely a fake

Fans who have been waiting for years for Valve to finish off the Half-Life saga got excited when a trademark listing for Half-Life 3, supposedly registered by Valve, appeared on the Trademarks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union website earlier this week. Well, those fans will have to stem their excitement as it appears that the listing was faked.

The trademark registration for Half-Life 3 has now been removed from the OHIM website less than a week after it appeared, according to Valve Time. This likely means that the trademark was not vetted and confirmed before it was posted on the site. In other words, someone out there started a hoax by filing for the trademark under Valve's name. Valve Time also reports that a trademark for Portal 3 has also been filed on the OHIM website but that's likely a faked registration as well.

While the trademark registrations are almost certainly hoaxes, there's still the matter of Valve's User Picker, which is designed to list Valve's internal staff database, that went open to the public earlier this week. As we reported earlier, screenshots from the User Picker showed two teams working on Half-Life 3 at Valve. So there is some hope that we will all finally see the end of Gordon Freeman's quest before the end of the century.

Source: Valve Time | Image via GamersPack

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