Halite BitTorrent Client 0.3.4

Hal­ite (named after the min­eral) is a C++ Bit­Tor­rent cli­ent based on the excel­lent lib­t­or­rent lib­rary from Ras­ter­bar Soft­ware. The pro­gram also relies heav­ily on the Boost lib­rar­ies.

While not a heavy­weight in the bells & whistles cat­egory, Hal­ite is a func­tional Bit­Tor­rent cli­ent. So far its list of fea­tures include:

  • File selec­tion and/or file pri­or­ity specifications.
  • Man­aged tor­rent queue system.
  • Disk cache support.
  • Mag­net URI support.
  • Track­er­less tor­rents (using the Main­line kadem­lia DHT pro­tocol).
  • Sup­ports Mag­net URI torrents.
  • Super-seeding.
  • µTor­rent style multi-tracker announ­cing.
  • IP fil­ter­ing with eMule style ipfilter.dat import.
  • Pro­tocol Encryp­tion support.
  • Trans­la­tions of the UI into a num­ber of lan­guages through the help of volun­teers.
    (if you wish to help with a trans­la­tion then please do)
  • Min­im­ize to tray with trans­fer rate summary.
  • Full Uni­code sup­port through UTF-8 and nat­ive Win­dows wide-char strings.
  • Login sup­port where tracker requires it.
  • Abil­ity to edit track­ers spe­cified in the torrent.
  • Abil­ity to cre­ate tor­rent files.
  • Port ran­dom­isa­tion and for­ward­ing (UnPlug and Play or NAT-PMP).
  • Trans­fer rate and con­nec­tion lim­its both global and per-torrent.
  • Shut­down scheduler.

Release notes:

After almost two years there’s been a new release of Hal­ite. Mainly the release just updates Hal­ite to use the latest ver­sion of lib­t­or­rent and so brings with it all the good­ness Arvid Norberg has baked in his fant­astic library. Hal­ite is now com­piled with Visual C++ 2012, so Win­dows 2000 sup­port has been dropped. In addi­tion, the 64bit ver­sion now requires Vista or higher.

What's new in this version:

  • Updated to lib­t­or­rent 0.16.6
  • This is basic­ally the mon­ster change! Full cred­its to Arvid Norberg here for all the real work .
  • Dropped file renam­ing and those “hash” folders as they were caus­ing undue trouble.
  • Added sup­port for LT Track­ers
  • Updated to OpenSSL 1.0.1c
  • Updated to Boost 1.52
  • Com­piled with Visual C++ 2012

Download: Halite | ~3.0 MB (Open Source)
Link: Home page

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