Halo 4 to be released November 6th, 2012

The next game in Microsoft's Halo series now has a release date. The company revealed today that Halo 4 will be coming out for the Xbox 360 console on November 6, 2012. To celebrate today's announcement, Microsoft worked with Rooster Teeth to release a special Red vs Blue video that, well, features singing. Just watch it.

Microsoft will apparently continue with the funny tone later tonight on the Conan late night talk show on TBS. The company said there would be some more Halo 4 content on the show.

As we have reported before, Halo 4 is the first game in the shooter series (not counting the RTS title Halo Wars) that will not be developed by the game's originators at Bungie. Microsoft formed a new internal development team, titled 343 Industries (a reference to the character '343 Guilty Spark' from the first game), to create Halo 4.

It's already been revealed that Halo 4 won't have the Firefight gameplay mode that was added to Halo 3: ODST and Halo Reach. However, it will have a new Spartan Ops co-op mode. Unfortunately, Microsoft has already announced there won't be any public multiplayer beta tests for Halo 4 ahead of the game's release.

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